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Paedo Alert News A Magazine about boy-love NEWS Sydney, Auckland, Geneva, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, London In Germany: HONEST RESEARCH (the "Baurmann Report") PIE TWO On trial again in England THE SURROGATE - a story by Bill Allen [article originally referenced here has been removed by special request] BOOKS: CROWSTONE by Hakim; SAUL'S BOOK by Paul T, Rogers BOYCAUGHT - On Prostitution by Edward Brongersma THE BATTLE LINE - Pogrommers and the Pogromized number 17 ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.2 ------------------------------------ <photograph> Paedo Alert News a magazine about boy-love Number 17 October, 1983 IN BRIEF Sydney, Auckland, Geneva, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, London 3 In Germany: HONEST RESEARCH (the "Baurmann Report") 6 PIE TWO On trial again in England 14 THE SURROGATE a story by Bill Allen 17 [article originally referenced here has been removed by special request] 19 BOOKS - CROWSTONE by Hakim; SAUL'S BOOK by Paul T. Rogers 22 BOYCAUGHT - On Prostitution by Edward Brongersma 26 THE BATTLE LINE Pogrommers and the Pogromized 30 All photos in this issue of P.A.N. are by AKKI. PAN is published five times a year by The Coltsfoot Press, a division of Spartacus, P.O. Box 3496, 1001 AG Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Editor in Chief, John D. Stamford; Executive Editor, Frank Torey. ISSN 0167.4749 ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.3 ------------------------------------ IN BRIEF . . . WASHINGTON, DC, USA The old page-boy scandal of a year ago (See P.A.N. 13, page 7 & P.A.N. 15, page 5) burst into what may be its final glory last summer when the House Ethics committee recommended on 14 July that two congressmen be reprimanded. One of them, Republican Daniel B. Crane, isn't of much interest: his sex had been with a 17-year-old girl page and he went before the house in a welter of apologies and self-pity. Gerry E. Studds, however, Democrat from Massachusetts, won much more respect, and not just from his Cape Cod constituents, many of whom had long known of his gayness. He admitted with dignity that he shouldn't have had intimacies with an employee, whatever the sex or age, but then took the opportunity to come out publicly as a homosexual, making him the first avoued gay Federal legislator in American history. And when the Ethics Committee asked the 27-year-old man with whom Studds had been intimate ten years ago whether he had ever felt intimidated, the ex-page replied, "No, I did not. I would like to state at this time . . . the congressman was an intelligent, witty, gentle man with, I think, a high level of insecurity. He did nothing to me which I would consider destructive or painful. In another time, in another society, the action would be acceptable, perhaps even laudable. Unfortunately this is not the case. I have no ax to grind with him. I have nothing negative to say about the man. In fact, I thought that he provided me with one of the more wonderful experiences of my life, if we exclude the instances of sexual experience which I was somewhat uncomfortable with. But I did not think it was that big a deal." Studs <ARCHIVIST'S CORRECTION: Studds (see above and below, this paragraph!)> had taken the boy on a trip to Portugal with him during the two and a half week congressional summer vacation in 1973. Studds has been one of the strongest critics of the Reagan adminisitration's military ventures in Central America. He has also spoken out strongly on the House floor in favour of gay rights issues and is a co-sponsor of the national gay rights bill. On 20 July the House voted to censure rather than reprimand Studds and Crane, both of whom said they would remain in congress to complete their terms of office. SOURCES: The Sentinel, 21 July, 1983; San Fracisco <sic> Chronicle, 15 July, 1983; New York Times, 15 & 21 July, 1983; San Francisco Examiner 20 July, 1983. AUSTRALIA The right of adolescents to have sex with each other is often a harbinger of liberalised attitudes toward adolescents having sex with adults. Thus it is significant that a Federal Government plan is in the works to allow Australian kids 14 and older to be granted contraception advice and medication without first informing parents. This month Medicare I.D. cards will be issued to everyone over 13, and this will allow teenagers the same rights of privacy as adults have. SOURCE: The Post, (Newcastle, Australia), 17 Aug, 1983 ALMELO, NETHERLANDS At the arrest of a 47-year-old local man here last August, an amazing record of sexual contacts over twenty years with boys under 16 came to light. Not only had he many albums of photos but diaries which recorded the details of precisely what he did and how to whom. In one year alone he had 1000 contacts of at least a ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.4 ------------------------------------ voyeristic <ARCHIVIST'S CORRECTION: voyeuristic> nature. Because of the possibility of blackmail if the diaries fell into the wrong hands, the prosecuting attorney asked that they be confiscated and proposed that "Mr. G.F.G." (Dutch law forbids newspapers giving names, addresses or publishing photos of accused or convicted criminals) be punished with 7 months prison sentence of which 4 would be suspended. He also thought it was remarkable that, in all the twenty years this man had been carrying on, not one complaint had been received by the police. SOURCE: De Telegraaf, 17 Aug, 1983. AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND It has long been rumored that the Maori minority in New Zealand were a bit more relaxed about sexual matters than the Caucasians. A recent trial in the Otahuhu District of one Henare Tiki Pikau Mahanga, a gifted teacher accused of sexual intimacy <the above text continues on p.5> <coloured box (sidebar):> NEW YORK, NY, USA Judianne Densen-Gerber and her bizarre husband, Michael Baden, were in the headlines again last summer. Baden was once New York City's Chief Medical Examiner (ie, autopsy pathologist) but was fired by Mayor Koch in 1979 for "improper conduct". He and his wife Jingle Bells are now suing for millions of dollars in damages before the U.S. Southern District Court in Manhattan, but a witness for the city, one Professor Leonard Kastle, gave further evidence before Judge Charles S. Haight that the woman who is probably more responsible for the hysteria against boy-love than any other American is, at best, seriously lacking in appreciation of human values (and good sense) and at worst a downright savage. It seems Kastel was guest at a party in Great Barrington, Mass, to which the Michael Badens had also been invited. Baden and Jingle Bells started talking about the autopsy of world-famous (and highly respected) Hollywood actor Montgomery Clift who had died of an apparent heart attack in New York in 1966. Kastel related that Baden "told how he had called his wife, who was sitting right there, and said to her, 'Come on down here. Wait till you see who I have on the table.' She took up the conversation. The first thing she said was . . . how strange it was that the man who played Freud was not circumcised." (Actor Clift had taken the part of the famous Vienese <sic> psychiatrist in a recent Holywood <sic> film.) "Baden said how amusing it was." Kastle told the court he was embarrased <sic> by the evidence he had to give next. "Mrs. Baden then commented on the fact that . . . Montgomery Clift was very small and Dr. Baden . . . To the best of my remembrance of this grotesque, bizarre conversation, that it was really rather amusing that a great lover and movie star, and everything, should have a small penis, at which she made a statement that she . . . even made a genture <sic> -- I found the whole thing sickening. I mean, it was like a great joke, and he laughed at it. I was shocked and I think a lot of the people who heard it were rather taken aback." At that point Judge Haight said, "The gesture you were just making was a gesture of flicking a finger?" Kastle replied, "Yes. She said, 'I flicked it with my finger." Kastle said he then told Baden, "I'm not suicidal, but if I were suicidal, I would never commit suicide in New York because I would never want to be on your table." SOURCES: Every issue so far printed of this magazine has given evidence of the utter depravity of this disgusting woman which even the gutter press of New York has turned against at last. Those interested in checking the veracity of our report on this latest caper of Jingle Bells can refer to the 29 July edition of the New York Post. <end of coloured box (sidebar)> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.5 ------------------------------------ <this text is continued from the top of p.4> with a number of his students, raised some interesting questions. First of all, the sensation-seeking Truth got an interview with the father of one of the "abused" boys. It seemed he "never dreamed" his son was having these sexual experiences. "My son feels a bit ashamed and he's afraid of meeting Mahanga in the street." In other words, the sex was either pleasurable to the lad, or at worst not very important, until it came out in the open and started generating a lot of publicity and gossip. The second interesting aspect of the case is that the local Maori community packed the courtroom in a show of support for Mahanga at his trial -- and Judge T.G. Maxwell, after hearing Mahanga plead guilty to four charges of "indecently assaulting" teenage boys and three charges of allowing teenage boys to do an indecent act on him, sentenced him to - 200 hours of community service work and two years' probabtion. <sic> SOURCES: Truth, 10 Aug, 1983; Auckland Star, 2 Aug, 1983. LOS ANGELES, CA, USA At last, it seemed, the world's most anti-paed police force had struck pay-dirt. PROSTITUTION-PORNO RING BROKEN. L.A. INVESTIGATORS SAY IT PREYED ON 'NAIVE YOUNG BOYS' screamed the Los Angeles Times. The 'investigator' was none other than Ralph Bennett who took over as chief of the Los Angeles Police Department's Sexually Exploited Child Unit after Lloyd Martin was booted out. (Recently Martin has been touring the country with Jill Haddad and a really ripe kiddie-porn collection raising money for their anti-sex foundation and its publications -- leaving, apparently, Martin's wife and children at home.) The two accused, Alan Licht and John Michael Lewis seemed, destined for conviction, and in fact both have served sentences in the past for sexual relations with under-age boys. Licht, in addition, was vice president of a West Hollywood enterprise called the Male Image Agency which distributed photos of youths. Well, that was last August. In early September the District Attorney's Office announced that no <photograph> charges would be filed against the two men, citing "insufficient evidence". Typical of the SEC Unit to be cavalier with facts before informing the press -- and typical of the Los Angeles Times to publish their fabrications. So the record of the American police forces remains a perfect zero after all: despite the perennial chitter-chatter of the boys in blue about child-sex-exploitation "rings", not one has ever been discovered or successfully prosecuted! SOURCES: The Los Angeles Times, 27 Aug, 1983; Sun Living (West Hollywood), Sep 7, 1983. AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND A bipartisan group of New Zealand MPs has proposed a new "Equality Bill" which would affect sexual acts between men and boys. One section would deal with acts involving children under twelve years of age, another with boys and girls between 12 and 15. Public opinion in New Zealand seems to be against liberalising sex for children, but Gays are supporting the proposed legislation. SOURCE: Out. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, pp.6-7 ------------------------------------ <p.6:> SRI LANKA In the last week of July the Sri Lankan army unleashed a well-planned, well rehearsed genocidal attack on the minority Tamil population (roughly 12%) which left most of the Tamil shops and factories, the better Tamil homes, in smouldering ruins and thousands of Tamil men, women and children dead after being doused with petrol and ignited to scream to their deaths in the middle of the streets of Colombo and other cities. The government obligingly asked everyone on the radio to go home, which the Tamils did and innocently awaited their firey fates. Claiming no responsibility whatever for the "disturbance", the Jayawardena government tried to pin the blame on "the communists" -- which went down well in Reagan's America, of course, but not very well in Europe. And what, as it secretly buried the victims of the army's mass murderings, was the government saying in the newspaper it owned and controlled? Well, on August 8, not a week after the mass burials, the Ceylon Daily News, under the heading ASIA'S DELIGHTS FOR TOURISTS, ran a long, stupid article about -- you guessed it -- "the proliferation of prostitutes, especially young males sold to homosexual visitors. The Colombo government has acted swiftly to deal with this . . ." And, like the genocide, this was part of a well-planned campaign. Minister of the Interior Douglas Liyanage was quoted in a Swiss newspaper one week before the "disturbance" began to the effect that the project of criminalising homosexual contacts between tourists and youths under 18, which had been tabled for a couple of <p.7:> years, would be activated and "implemented with vigor", this, apparently, in response to the demands of Switzerland's anti-child-sex fundamentalist Terre des Hommes charity. The list of dishonest, hypocritical governments in the world is a long one, but the Jayawardena regime in Sri Lanka must certainly have won top honours last summer for being the most blatantly disgusting. SOURCE: Ceylon Daily News, 8 Aug, 1983; Journal de Geneve, 20 & 21 July, 1983. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM Just as summer was coming to an end we received this report on the end of homosexual age discrimination in Belgium from our Brussels correspondent: The only Article of the Belgian Criminal Code creating discrimination between the legal treatment of homosexual and heterosexual acts is Art. 372 bis, which makes it punishable for a person aged over eighteen years to perform an indecent act without violence or threates, <sic> on or with the aid of a person of the same sex aged between sixteen and eighteen years. A Bill to delete this Article from the Criminal Code was introduced in the Belgian Parliament by Mr. Luc van den Bossche (Flemish Socialist Party), and it was approved without a division in the Chamber on 11 May, 1983. A proposal to amend the Bill by introducing a new offence of performing a consensual sexual act with a person of either sex aged between sixteen and eighteen years when the older person is "of the class of per- <the above text continues on p.8> <coloured box (sidebar), spans pp.6-7:> <p.6:> Honest Research Probably the largest, potentially most significant objective psychological study ever made of "sexual victims" was published by the German Bundeskriminalamt, Wiesbaden this summer. Entitled Sexualitat, Gewalt und psychische Folgen (Sexuality, Violence and Psychological Consequences) and written by Michael C. Baurmann, psychologist working for the German Ministry of Justice, it was produced by the West German government in a limited edition of 650 copies and distributed exclusively to professional people and university libraries. The text, in German and crammed with charts and tables, runs to over 750 pages. Baurmann and his co-researchers studied all sexual victims known to the police during the years 1969-1973 in the State of Lower Saxony -- 8,058 of them! Victims included adult women and girls, and boys up to the age of 14. Some 24% were "victims" of exhibitionism, 35.5% of "child molesting"; 22% were subjected to rape or sexual assault under duress; 18% were involved in incest-type situations. The subjects were examined at the time the incident was reported to the police, and, in two-thirds of the cases, some 6 to 10 years later in a follow-up study. They were interviewed, answered questionaires <sic> and given some standard psychological tests (biographical inventory, personality inventory, a test measuring anxiety and the same EPI test measuring neuroticism and extraversion used by Wilson & Cox in The Child-Lovers). Of special interest to P.A.N. readers are the results from studying the nearly 3,000 "child molesting victims". Baurmann found that "homosexual contacts played no important statistical or criminological role in this study. On the one hand, they composed only 10-15% of the cases, and on the other the sexual contacts were described by the victims themselves as 'harmless', almost exclusively without the use of violence by the suspect, and as a result, none of the male victims questioned felt themselves to have been injured. In addition, no injury could be determined in these cases with the help of test procedurers." <ARCHIVIST'S CORRECTION: probably should be "procedures"> While most of the true rape incidents were rather promptly reported to the police by the victims themselves, when Baurmann comes to "child molestation" he reports, "In many of those cases the sexual contacts are not given much importance by the children, and sometimes they do not <p.7:> even tell anyone so that the delict becomes known accidentally." Baurmann notes that in the literature there have been relatively few attempts to define "injury" in such cases. This he and his co-workers attempted to do by setting up an injury scale grading from 0 to 100. One half of this value was derived from the estimations of the "victims" themselves, 25% was derived from answers to a check-list of possible injuries derived from the literature, and a final 25% from the battery of psychological tests. Thus the injury values are heavily weighted toward the "victim's" own evaluation of his own experience. (One interesting finding was that the psychological test results were quite unreliable as an index of injury, at least as perceived by the subject himself.) It would be impossible to describe here all that is contained in this massive, rich report. A few points: subjects were asked to evaluate the relative helpfulness of conversations about their experience: those with friends, siblings, teachers, etc. had been helpful; those with parents and school chums had been neither helpful nor injurious on the whole; those with medical doctors, Juvenile Welfare officials, police, courts and attorney of the accused had been mildly or very injurious. All of the "victims" who, to a statistically significant level, considered themselves injured were female. This means that all of the boys 13 years of age and younger (10% to 15% of the sample population) showed and reported no statistically significant injury. Baurmann says, "Many experts in the field of prevention have assumed that sexual victims without primary injuries are rare. It certainly appears that this opinion must be re-evaluated. Adults who have the opinion that any sexual behaviour is traumatic for children and young people have to face the fact that in many cases the young person becomes a victim only because grown-ups expect him or her to become a victim. On the basis of this expectation they act in such a way that the child really is victimized. This behaviour then has a labeling function. It leads to the labeling of a victim." It is a shame that this study was produced in such a small quantity and is unavailable for sale. It should be obtainable in university libraries in the German-speaking countries and perhaps on inter-library loan from similar libraries in other countries. As far as we know, there are no plans for an English edition. <end of coloured box (sidebar)> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.8 ------------------------------------ <coloured box (sidebar):> WASHINGTON, DC, USA Nutty Nurse Ann Burgess (See PAN 8, page 12; PAN 9, page 11; P.A.N. 11, page 12 Et 14; P.A.N. 12, page 7) was back at the Federal feeding-trough again. It seemed like someone in the Reagan Administration had been reading Time's 11 -page gutter special on "Private Violence" last September ("The unspeakable crimes are being yanked out of the shadows"). To the likes of Time writers, violence by definition encompases <sic> all mutually consensual sex relations which are not condoned by the preachers and shrinks of the land -- thus three pages were devoted to "Child Abuse: The Ultimate Betrayal" in which sex and violence were inextricably confused and intermingled. Anyhow, US Attorney General William French Smith decided to set up a Task Force on Family Violence (funded with a half-million dollars) and chose the Nutty Nurse, probably because of the blazing incompetence of her work, to serve on the pannel. <sic> As far as we know she has concerned herself mainly with paedophile relationships between men and boys, with a strong emphasis on vilifying kiddie-porn. She has also been a co-author and close worker with Dr. A. Nicholas Groth, (See PAN 10, page 3). The Task Force is supposed to "pool its ideas on the causes and solutions to violence and sexual abuse in families". Another pannel <sic> member is Suffolk County (New York) District Attorney Newman Flanagan, who will be remembered for his attempt to set up a child-abuse "hot line" and publicise it on the radio until Mitzel, on the staff of Gay Community News, protested to all of the radio stations who were running his message ("If you suspect that someone has molested your child, you should report it immediately . . ." His department "will guide you and your child in court proceedings with dignity . . .") and had some success in getting them cancelled (See PAN 7, page 5). SOURCE: Time, 5 Sep, 1983; The Boston Globe, 20 Sep, 1983. <end of coloured box (sidebar)> <the following text is continued from the top of p.7> sons having authority over the younger person", regardless of whether there was any abuse of that authority or not, was rejected by 86 votes to 67, with 10 abstentions. An important factor in this context was the reference made in the debate to an article by the original promoter of Art. 372 bis, the Public Prosecutor Raymond Charles, in which he recognised that he had been mistaken in proposing that legislation. The Bill was then re-submitted to the Justice Committee for review, and another proposal for amendment was introduced as a delaying manoevre; <sic> it would extend the proposed depenalisation to include polygamy, adultery, paedophilia, etc. When the revised Bill was represented to the Chamber, on 24 June 1983, the new proposed amendment was rejected by 103 votes to 30, with 13 abstentions. The main section of the Bill, for the deletion of Art. 372 bis, was then put to the vote, and it was adopted by 144 votes against 4, with 7 abstentions. The Bill will shortly be submitted to the Senate, but it is not expected that there will be any difficulty in obtaining approval from that body, particularly because of the massive vote in the Chamber. It is thus very likely that the minimum age at which young people in Belgium are deemed to be capable of deciding for themselves whether to grant or withold <sic> consent, in the absence of coercion, fraud, lack of understanding or descent in the direct line from the partner, to participation in homosexual acts will soon be sixteen years, the same as it is already for heterosexual acts, regardless of the age of their partners. GENEVA, SWITZERLAND Last June the Swiss Federal Council (roughly equivalent to the British Cabinet in constitutional practice) confirmed its intention to eliminate all discrimination against homosexual acts from the Swiss penal code (except for some provisions applicable to the military), thus reducing the age of homosexual consent for boys to 16. It is expected that the corresponding bill will be submitted to Parliament early in 1984. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.9 ------------------------------------ PORTLAND, OR, USA A 57-year-old Catholic priest, Thomas B. Laughlin, was sentenced to a year in jail for multiple contacts with boys 15 years of age and older, and, completing that, "psychological treatment". Three aspects of this case make it of more than routine interest. First is the relatively humane way the court dealt with it -- Laughlin could undoubtedly been put away for life in a state like Massachusetts or by one of the US's famous "hanging judges". Second, the Church appears to run something called Foundation House in a remote site in New Mexico which has a program for priests with psychological problems, including "pedophilia, a disease in which an adult is sexually attracted to children" according to Foundation House psychiatrist Jay R. Feierman. It was to this facility that Laughlin turned when he realised the cops were moving in on him. Finally, when Laughlin drove down to New Mexico before his trial, an 18-year-old youth who had been a former sexual partner of his went with him -- which is probably indicative of the quality of the relationships the priest was having with his young friends. (Ironically, it was this fact, that the youth went with Laughlin in his hour of loneliness and need, that earned the one-year sentence for the priest: had that not occurred, Laughlin's sentence would have been suspended, his judge declared.) SOURCE: Oregonian, 31 Aug, 1983. BRATTLEBORO, VT, USA Another sex ring -- what magic in that word! This one turned out to be very local -- and run by the kids themselves! "There's no adults in charge of this ring;" said Lt. Richard Guthrie of the Brattleboro police. "There's no male pimp. It's children and children. I think it's structured within the peer group. The kids are seeking out their own clientele." Thus far two of the "clients", both in their 60s, have been arrested. The community reacted with horror, but if the children thought they would get some understanding from the town's help industry they can think again. "We've had a lot of kids with problems that we've been able to help;" said <photograph> one Frank Dearborn, head of the city Recreation Department, "but never anything like this. I'm just absolutely amazed." (Translation: We need more funds.) SOURCES: Plain Dealer, Sep 8 & 13, 1983; New York Daily News, 8 Sep, 1983. TORONTO, CANADA Once again Ontario's Attorney General Roy McMurtry was slapped down by the County Court in his obsession to "get" the gays, and especially the paedophiles of his province. It all started back in December, 1977 when The Body Politic published an excellent, but hardly salacious, article called "Men loving boys loving men". Shortly thererafter the gay newspaper's offices were raided, for the first time, and 12 large cartons of vital papers were hauled away as "evidence" (and never returned). This was the beginning of a long, dreary queer-bashing campaign by McMurtry and the Toronto police which climaxed in the famous bath-house raids of April, 83. After two trials and two appeals, which cost The Body Politic over ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.10 ------------------------------------ <photograph> $100,000, McMurtry was back to square one. A man without the courage of his biassed <sic (Freudian?)> convictions, McMurtry attempted to deny that he had been harassing The Body Politic: "No, well that of course is a very unfair allegation. The issue before the court is a very serious one . . . I regret as much as anyone else the matter went on as long as it did. . . ." SOURCE: The Body Politic News Release 14 Sep, 1983. MONTREAL, PQ, CANADA On November 19 and 20 SECH (Service d'Education et de Consultation sur L'Homosexualite) will hold its fourth Quebec symposium on the various faces of homosexuality. Among the themes of the congress will be the sexuality of adolescents and children, pornography, life styles and paedophilia. Information: SECH, C.P. 245, succ. N, Montreal, PQ, Canada H2X 3M4. BALTIMORE, MD, USA Following our report on the Sixth World Congress of Sexology in P.A.N. 16 (page 9) we received a letter from Dr. John Money of the Johns Hopkins institutions strongly objecting to our satatement, <sic> based on reports in the American press, that he spoke there of his success in administering anti-androgen drugs to paedophiles. "In future, please be scrupulously accurate in any reference that you make to me and my work," he wrote us, "avoid false attributions, and do not confabulate address that I did not give." He enclosed a photocopy of pages from the congress program showing the sessions in which he had participated: chairing the presentation of a film on female circumcision in Egypt and a session on "Birth Defects of the External Sex Organs and Erotosexual Functioning". He also co-authored a paper entitled "Erotosexual Status in Idiopathic Adolescent Gynecomastia vs. Congenital Virilizing Adrenocorticism: Implications for Homosexual Therapy." Homosexual therapy? Cure you of being queer? Drugs? Is this where the impression got about in the popular press that he was describing his success in "treating" sex-offenders with injections of Depo-Provera? We apologize to Dr. Money for our reliance on the reports of others if, indeed, he didn't on this occa- ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.11 ------------------------------------ sion talk about one important phase of his work at Johns Hopkins, which is "treating" boy-lovers by giving them injections of Depo-Provera. QUEBEC, CANADA When Denise Bombardier, MC of the popular TV talk show "Noir sur Blanc" invited Montreal psychologist Alain Bouchard to appear on a program last April devoted to the controversial topic of "gay-male pedophilia" she apparently just wanted to put on display someone who strongly disagreed with her conventionally biassed <sic (Freudian?)> views so she could give him a vitriolic tongue-lashing. However, this "harassing and hounding" of Bouchard, to use the phrase of the Citizen, Ottawa's English-language daily, didn't go unnoticed by her colleagues, and she was formally reprimanded by the Conseil de presse du Quebec: "By insistently imposing your personal viewpoiont <sic> and in only granting your guest a small chance to express his own, you have managed to discredit him in the eyes of the television audience. You have also prevented the viewers from having an overall view on the controversial subject you dealt with." Scratch a "paedophile scandal", however, and you will probably find either a cop, a preacher or a social worker behind it, and the latter seems to have been the case here. The Quebec Social Services Department had to cut its staff, so the workers started leaking stories to the press about boys "as young as 9" pounding the city streets as prostitutes (and, obviously, only the social workers could find and save them). The Montreal press obligingly printed this rubbish. Alain Bouchard wrote to protest, whereupon Mme Bombardier called upon him to be her victim. But the newspapers didn't like the reprimand of the Press Council -- nor did The Association of Psychologist of Quebec, which demanded that Bouchard stop talking to the media, as they were receiving complaints (none of which they could produce). The Review of Sexology <coloured box (sidebar):> NEW YORK, NY, USA Father Bruce Ritter, whose Covenant House for young run-aways and prostitutes has long been a major beneficiary of the child abuse lobby, got in a bit over his head with his advertising last month. "My life isn't over at 16," said a boy before the TV cameras -- and was seen all over America. Another 17-year-old, quoted in a printed advertisement for Covenant House in National Catholic Reporter, said a major Fortune-500 corporation was up to its neck running a child prostitution ring. "They would fly me all over the country. The corporation had a representative that would take a portfolio of the kids in their stable, both boys and girls, to their clients. We didn't have any clothes on in the photographs. The clients would pick anyone they wanted. I was pretty popular. . . . Well, it turns out that the life-begins-at-16 boy was just a paid actor, and, as for the Fortune-500 stable-pet, the British magazine Forum tried to telephone Ritter, who refused to return the calls, and one Diane Pekunka, spokesperson at Covenant House, said the organization "had nothing more to add". Furthermore, it seems that the New York City police knows nothing about this corporation's involvement with a "ring". The FBI simply wouldn't comment. Covenant House is experiencing a "phenominal <sic> growth". 60 cities wish to set up Covenant Houses. Last year it raised 16 million dollars, and this year it will top 22 million. Present plans call for a mailing of 11.5 million pieces to "cold" customers; donors will immediately join a select group of 390,000 donors who receive more sophisticated monthly requests for funds. SOURCES: Forum, Oct, 1983; New York Times, 21 June, 1983. <end of coloured box (sidebar)> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.12 ------------------------------------ of Montreal, however agreed with the main points Bouchard was trying to make, which were 1) the media were confusing three rather distinct phenomena: molestation, prostitution and mutually consensual paedophilia, and 2) in the latter instance there was little likelihood of harm coming to the child "victim" unless parents, cops, newspapers and social workers put him through a trauma over it. All in all this has been the first good airing of views on paedophilia in the media in Canada. SOURCE: The Body Politic; Citizen, 12 July, 1983; La Presse, 9 July. BOSTON, MA, USA "The bill works toward restoring the civil rights of children in the commonwealth." A civil libertarian speaking out in favour of allowing children sexual freedom? No. It was State Representative A. Joseph <photograph> DeNucci on the day Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis signed into law a bill DeNucci had introduced requiring social workers to "turn in child abusers" -- whether the kid wanted his sexual partner to be turned in or not. SOUIRCE: <sic> Boston Herald, 15 July, 1983. BALTIMORE, MD, USA Once again a boy-lover's life has been ruined because he trusted a photo-lab which advertised "confidential" processing. This one was in Los Angeles -- probably the single most dangerous city in the world for boy-lovers -- and its victim was a Baltimore Catholic priest by the name of Christopher Stephen Mann, 66, who sent in sex pictures of his boy-friends. Never, never take porno photos of boys, especially boys you regularly associate with -- and certainly don't believe the advertisements in sex magazines about "confidential" photo processing. California law, for example, makes it mandatory for photo labs to report to the police all sex photos involving under-age boys. SOURCE: Baltimore Sun, 21 Sep, 1983. SANTA CLARA CO, USA In the past two years the courts of this California County have awarded "molested" children damages ranging from $40,000 to $1,200,000. Civil suits can be filed against the "molester" even if the man has never been prosecuted -- and until the child is 19. Richard Alexander, a local attorney, is quoted as saying, "Though the parents and children don't know it, as soon as the molestation happens, the molester's property becomes the property of the child." We wonder, now, how many moms will arrange to have their very savvy little 12-year-olds "molested" by a propertied boy-lover, and so finance a new car for the lad when he reaches 16, college education and/or rent on a drug pad. . . . All wasn't grim in California, however. A Los Angeles appeals court recently overturned a 1981 lower court ruling that homosexuality could be used as a basis for expulsion from the Boy Scouts of America. The suit arose when ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.13 ------------------------------------ one Timothy Curran, 21, a former Scout who had become an assistant troup <sic> leader, came out as gay. Curran was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union. SOURCE: Our Paper, 28 Sep, 1983; New York Daily News, 6 Oct, 1983. COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Last year Denmark's small paedophile group disbanded. Now a new one has just formed, and has the support of the country's very effective gay organization, Forbundet of 1948. Danish readers should write to Paedofilgruppen, Postboks 1023, 1007 Kobenhavn K, telephone 01-13 19 48 (the Forbundet number in Copenhagen). SOURCE: PAN Oct-Nov, 1983. NEW YORK, NY, USA Last August 6 the Horatio Alger (New York City) chapter of NAMBLA, after a spirited campaign, was admitted to the New York Community Council of Lesbian and Gay Organizations. The vote was 15-13, with 4 abstentions. One of the arguments used was that last July in Vienna the International Gay Association overwhelmingly approved NAMBLA's membership. SOURCE: Gay Community News, 24 Sep, 1983. RIVERSIDE, CA, USA Albert Guindon, the Riverside teacher who was convicted of sexual misdemeanors for asking boys to pose for photos with their shirts off (P.A.N. 15, page 11) was sentenced to probation, with jail time, if any, suspended, according to one of our correspondents who talked with the D.A. in charge of the case. Guindon is appealing the conviction. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA It seems that whenever politicians allow the police to set up a "child abuse" squad to "wipe out child molestation, pornography and prostitution" the cops end up as the real abusers, witness the trail of crushed kids Lloyd Martin left behind him before he was fired from his job with the Los Angeles Police Department. Now it seems that the "crack police Delta Squad", formed here to go after St. Kilda street kids, was running true to form. One 15-year-old, a runaway from a "children's home", was so badly beaten by a Delta Squad officer that he may have to wear a hearing aid for the rest of his life. In addition, a 12-year-old was also beaten up by a Delta Squad cop in the Baltara reception centre at Parkville. "The reaction on the street to the formation of the Unit has been a combination of fear and anger;" said Jesuit brother Alex McDonald, who has been working with kids in the inner suburbs. Both of these incidents happened within weeks of the Unit's birth, which grew out of recommendations of an inter-departmental committee of representatives of three State Government departments: the police, the St. Kilda Council, the Childrens' Court and two Federal MPs. Community Welfare Services Department Minister Pauline Toner claimed the Unit had been set up "in close consultation with Brother Alex". That was overstating the case, said Brother Alex. "I had one private informal conversation with one senior officer of the Department and I was invited to attend one meeting." SOURCE: Truth, 11 June, 1983. BREMEN, W. GERMANY Hajo Ortil, pioneer in outdoor nude youth photography and grand old man in Germany of paedophile liberation (See PAN 9, p 18 ff) died quietly July 12. In a future issue of Paedo Alert News we plan to publish a selection of his photos as a small memorial to this great man's work and life. NEW YORK, NY, USA Wallace Hamilton, author of Kevin, died on September 1 from a heart attack, apparently caused by falling down a flight of stairs. We feel a particular sense of loss in the death of this wonderful man. He encouraged many of the young authors whose works we have published, supported the cause of boy-love openly and courageously and never hesitated to come to their defense in the pages of the New York Native. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.14 ------------------------------------ PIE TWO For months the Thatcher government, presiding over a depressed nation which just wouldn't mend, had been gearing up for a new attack on one of its favourite scapegoats, the Paedophile Information Exchange. It seems that the Iron Lady herself had been in a huddle with Attorney General Michael Haver and Director of Public Prosecution Sir Thomas Hetherington on just how to go about it. The gutter press had been printing more and more articles on "monsters" and exposes of PIE men. PIE, as a tiny, vulnerable group, was so handy as a recipient of the wrath of Thatcher's great (intellectually) unwashed supporters that, had it not existed, it would probably have had to be invented. (To say that Thatcher & Co. hated PIE is as ridiculous as claiming that the lion hates the zebra it kills to eat. True, both attacks require a certain amount of aggression, vigour and pleasure in the kill, but certainly no hatred of the prey, per se.) Thus the cold-blooded exploitation of some rather obscurely reported happenings down in Brighton last August and the totally unwarranted linking of them with PIE which turned out to be the beginning of the present pogrom, orchestrated by the media and the ministers of government with the same cynical disregard of honesty and human rights the Sinhalese government was showing at roughly the same time some 10,000 miles away (see SRI LANKA item in the IN BRIEF section). The only revealed facts about the "Brighton assault" are that a certain un-named 6-year-old boy left his home for a local shop late in the afternoon of August 14th and was discovered ten miles away some 5 or 6 hours later missing his T-shirt and crying. He was taken to a hospital, where he was examined and released the next morning to his mother. The boy has a speech impediment. The Brighton police say he was abducted by three men in a car with a foreign license plate. No suspects have been arrested. Although dark hints about terrible things happening to the boy have been put into circulation by the media (the Brighton police have been surprisingly professional and non-sensationalistic), no specific allegations have ever been made, other than to claim the lad had been "sexually assaulted", which in the case of a 6-year-old, could mean anything from putting a hand on his shoulder with alleged sexy thoughts in mind to actual anal rape. The most specific claim we have seen was contained in a letter to us by Ralph Alden of London (see PAN 11, page 38 ff & P.A.N. 14, page 29 ff), long a paedophile target of the Catford police people; in questioning him as to what he was doing on the night of 14 August, Det/Insp Brown said "the assailants" had buggered the boy and pissed in his mouth. However, when one reads in the same letter that one Det/Insp Hill from the same station told a mother that he would have her children taken away from her unless she swore on the witness stand that Alden had tried to "buy" her son from her for sexual purposes (a lie, and thus perjury), one wonders what degree of confidence one should put in this story. All of that was beside the point, however, for the British are used to believing in the darkest sexual depravity based upon the sketchiest of hints -- as the gutter press has long realised. After nine days of hysterical newspaper reporting, linking PIE ever closer with whatever happened down in Brighton, the BBC at last leaped into the frey. At 11 o'clock in the evening of 23 August, it ran a twenty-minute special on the Brighton affair (again without telling anyone what had happened), PIE and childhood sexuality in general. What the former had to do with the latter was never made clear. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.15 ------------------------------------ The report began with a marvelously inane statement by Huddlesfield MP Geoffrey Dickens, who will be remembered as the politician who provided comic relief at the time of Tom O'Carroll's trial in 1981 by accusing paedophiles of immorality while at the same time cheating on his wife by shacking up with not one but two Other Women he met in a local dancing hall (See PAN 8, page 21 ff). Dickins is now lobbying to have PIE "outlawed". He said he knew there were PIE members who were "obsessed with the death of children by torture" (and was apparently being sued by PIE for this statement). He threatened that if the Attorney General didn't put PIE on the same outlawed basis as the IRA there would be a lot of trouble "from the back bench" -- and the back bench would win. Next, came kook headmaster Charles Oxley, the perfect image of the Pecksniffian little autocrat who's real sexual outlet is whipping, caning, humiliating and otherwise crushing the life out of kids. Oxley believes that "life is a spiritual battle with children under tremendous pressure to do wrong. Their minds are being fed with pornography and violence." His two schools in Merseyside, Tower College and Scarisbrick Hall, have 1,100 pupils and he has just acquired another disciplinary institution, called Hamilton College, in Lanarkshire, Scotland. He is chairman of the National Campaign for Law and Order and deputy chairman of Mary Whitehouse's Viewers' and Listeners' Association. According to the Daily Telegraph, Oxley wants PIE made illegal and its members pursued. "That's what you do with rats and this is the same thing," said Oxley. On the BBC television program he told of how he had been a member of PIE for some months (to spy on them, he claimed) and said PIE members talked about putting into practice the philosophy which they preached. Steve Adrian Smith and Dr. Peter Bremner of the PIE Executive Committee were then interviewed, but first the announcer warned that his viewers might find the opinions and terminology which followed highly offensive: "We think it best if you have any doubts about it that you not watch for next few minutes." Obviously ill at ease, and with unnecessarily bright lights shining in their eyes, Smith and Bremner tried to deal honestly with a rapid-fire string of biassed, <sic (Freudian?)> complex statements phrased as questions ("How can you talk about consent when the child isn't mature enough to know the implications of what he is consenting to?" "How can it be an equal relationship when it is between a child and an adult?") but were constantly cut off in the middle of their thoughts. Smith, however, was especially strong in quietly and calmly talking down the interviewer on several occasions. Nevertheless it certainly would have been wiser for PIE to have refused to appear on BBC with the simple statement that it didn't see any connection between what the media and the government have hinted might have happened down in Brighton to an unnamed 6-year-old boy and the matters PIE concerns itself with. Especially unfortunate was one statement Bremner made: when asked whether the people at PIE were partly responsible for the attack on the Brighton boy, he got confused and responded with "Yes", followed by a long, involuted explanation and qualification which few viewers would have had the patience by then to follow. Still, this appearance of Steve Smith and Dr. Bremner on British television, showing them to be, after all, only fallible men and not monsters, proved to boy-lovers in the UK that they were not alone, that there was one organization and at least two admirable and very brave men who were willing to fight for them and their sense of dignity. Next was an interview with one Dr. Tony Baker, a handsome, bearded young child psychiatrist in a London hospital, at which point the attack on paedophiles moved onto a higher level. Paedophiles justified their predilection by a number of "pseudo-scientific" studies (we had sent him, previously, a copy of Theo Sandfort's book). Baker did not allow himself to be led by the interviewer who, when Baker wouldn't come right out and say sex contact with an adult was always ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.16 ------------------------------------ damaging, slipped in, "I think we can take that for granted . . ." Baker felt that man/boy sex was "immoral" because the child didn't have the maturity to give "informed consent", that in sex "every individual must be free to say yes or no" -- but a child's "yes" didn't count because he wasn't mature enough to "resist the very honeyed persuasion of these people". A child could be damanged <sic> "by being brought to sexual precocity too early." As for outlawing PIE and prosecuting its members, the best the interviewer could get out of Baker was that he would be in favor of it if, without bringing in any new legislation, it could be shown that PIE or individual members of PIE had broken the law. The show ended with a quote from the next morning's Daily Mirror to the effect that every Englishman would be in favour of outlawing PIE and cracking down even harder on paedophilia. A few days later Steve Smith, Peter Bremner and David Joy, all members of the PIE executive committee, were arresed <sic> and charged with various obscene publishing crimes, all relating to one PIE release, Contact No. 6. They were set free on remand. Later Joy and Tony Zalewski, another PIE EC member, narrowly escaped being beaten up on a tube train by a gang of youths who recognized them from the press photos. Adrian, Joy and Zalewski have all been harassed out of their homes by London mobs since the Brighton affair. A fourth PIE man, one Richard Travell, was forced out of his home, too, following a story in the gutter-dreadful Sun. He was also soon made "redundent" <sic> from his job as pension-scheme consultant. Even Travell's father, a minister in the Penge Congregational Church, southeast London, was brought into the act by the Daily Star: "This is a pernicious organisation which deserves to be attacked;" said the Reverend John Travel about PIE. Adrian and another co-worker in the Home Office were rather cleverly fired last August by withdrawing their security clearance, thus denying them any legal protection they might have had. On 14 October the remand hearing for Adrian, Bremner and Joy took place in the Bromley Magistrate Court. By now a few liberal groups in Great Britain were beginning to wake up to the crimes against humanity the Thatcherites and the gutter press were trying to perpetrate. CHE (Campaign for Homosexuality Equality) came out with an emergency resolution strongly arguing for PIE's right to express and publicise its views without harassment. (But not in support of paedophilia or PIE.) Sad to say, CHE earned for even this limited support the editorial condemnation of London's "new" Gay News -- which would thus seem to be on the side of censorship, mind control and the throttling of free speech. The Joint Council of Gay Teenagers tried to mount a small protest demonstration outside the court, complete with banners and literature to pass out. However, the police told them that if they unfurled their banners and dispensed their printed matter they would all be arrested -- probably because they were too close to the courthouse -- so they disbanded. (Across the street, a demonstration against PIE by a splinter group of the fascist National Front went ahead as planned.) The three defendants were released on bail on condition that they report daily to the police. Committal proceedings will be in January, with the trial of the three men, if the Thatcherites and the media have their way, some six months later. PIE has lost its banking facilities, but such money as it had in its accounts was not confiscated. The organization is desperately short of funds which it needs in fighting one of the most important human rights battles looming on the European political horizon in the Orwellian year of 1984. Their address is PIE, P.O. Box 75, London E5 8AQ. SOURCES: PIE news releases in September, 1983; BBC News Night, 23 Aug, 1983; Daily Express, 19, 22 & 26 Aug & 2 Sep, 1983; Daily Mirror, 23 Aug, 1983; News of the World, 19 June, 1983; Daily Star 21 June & 22 Aug, 1983; Daily Mail, 22 Aug, 1983; Daily Telegraph, 27 Aug, 1983. Gay News, 29 Sep, 1983. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.17 ------------------------------------ The Surrogate by Bill Allen May 1st, 2091 15 Brute Lane Maslin SOUTH AUSTRALIA My dear Tim: In your last letter you told me that you were going well at your new high school, but that you miss me. I miss you, too. At the end of the letter you say you are "suffering" with what your dad calls ejaculatio praecox. Well, congratualtions <sic> on being able to do it at all at your age: before I left on this holiday you hadn't reached that stage. Anyway, don't worry, as I think I can help you when we are reunited next week. "But;" you will say, "you have no qualifications as a psychiatrist!" Well, I do have some experience in treating sexual problems, as you will agree after reading the following true story . . . In the early part of this 21st century, boy-love was generally accepted (as your parents will tell you) as a normal part of the love life of many males. It was only about thirteen years ago, shortly after your birth, that the powerful World Council of the Communities of Santa Judianna had the whole thing outlawed again in every country except Antarctica. (Hence the massive migration of thousands of Australian men and boys to that continent.) Well, you know my randy old friend Nick, who is now 60. When Nick was in his twenties, and thus living before Santa Judianna was canonized, he was in love with a 13-year-old boy called John. Now, although John adored Nick, he found him lacking in two respects. Firstly, Nick insisted on wearing very old-fashioned clothes like denim trousers and running shoes. Secondly, he shot his bolt too soon when they made love. All John's pals were boasting that their men could keep it up for ages, and John felt that, unless he could cure Nick of those two "faults", his peer-group would toss him out. John explained his predicament to Nick, who immediately agreed to dress in shot silk shorts and football boots like everyone else who was normal, but he could do nothing about spoofing too soon. So John asked him to get a referral to the famous sex-therapist, the late Dr. Philia Rogers. I think you can guess what is coming, Tim. You are well aware that, in those days, boy-lovers who had sexual problems were routinely treated by being sent to bed with a boy who was a fully-trained surrogate sex-partner: someone understanding and kind, with whom the patient could practise correct procedures without losing face if he failed. Eventually, Dr. Rogers detailed a lovely boy called Alan (but that was not his real name -- they all used professional pseudonyms) to "fix up" Nick. Alan had been instructed to play down the importance of sexual performance in man/boy love. Thus, at the first therapeutic session (look up "therapeutic" in the dictionary if you don't know what it means), the boy found out that he and Nick had a mutual passion for collecting stamps, so they talked about that rather than sex. They swapped stamps at the second session, in the course of which Alan showed Nick an old Italian stamp on which was a reproduction of the Eros Vincitore by Caravaggio. This was unfortunate, for as soon as Nick saw the naked Eros he soiled his shot silks, or he "shot his shots" as you would put it. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.18 ------------------------------------ Nick was very worried, but Alan reminded him that the treatment always took a long time, and they had only just begun it. He reminded Nick that he had cured eight other men with this problem, including the President and Cardinal Spinario. But Nick was inconsolable. He said, "I know what is coming: you will only make me love stamps instead of boys, and John and I will get into bed with our stamp-albums. Oh, why can't I be like all the other boy-lovers? I'm a freak! How can I expect my business associates and my wife to respect me while I can't control myself with my boy? I could even be arrested for not pleasing my boy in bed, and this could affect my chances of further promotion at work." "Stop worrying!" said the cute surrogate. "Worry only compounds your problem." (Alan was a smart, well-educated boy.) "Anyway;" continued the boy, "I myself had an accident when I first saw that picture." Nick smiled at him gratefully. At Session No. 4, the surrogate said, "Now I'm going to take off my shoes, <photograph> then my stockings. If you can last till then, we'll have taken a big step forward, for last week you slipped when I had only undone one shoelace. But, remember, we can always try again later so don't worry. And I'm sure the kid you love isn't as upset about this as much as you make out he is. I mean, he loves you, doesn't he? You as a person?" Session by session, more and more of the boy's clothing came off before Nick lost control. Soon the boy could completely undress, and even kiss Nick, without mishap. Then they tried some treatments "in the field". They held hands at an Electric Eiderdown concert (this type of music is, of course, hated by all the teenagers of today) and Nick lasted until the second-last number, which was Be my Ganymede, Not my Leda. Following two visits to the Port Adelaide Nudist Beach; where Nick was able to play underwater sports with the boys there without incontinence, Alan started the hard-core lovemaking sessions. After three of these, Nick was able to keep it up for two hours, with only one break for marijuana tea. Alan reported this to Dr. Rogers, who pronounced Nick cured. After that, Nick and John had no more problems in bed. Now, Tim, I'm sure your problem is not exactly the same as Nick's, for you are much younger. And you do not need any professional help while you have me, because I can now reveal to you that I was the Alan of that true story! So I should know how to help you. So, see me as soon as I get home. But, I warn you, for the treatment (free, of course) to be effective, you will need to have at least seven sessions a week with me, for a period of from eight to twelve months, depending on how irritating your case is. But I can scarcely believe that your father's diagnosis is correct. It is good that Dad is willing to break the law to let us continue to love and laugh together. Your faithful pal, Bill ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.19 ------------------------------------ [article originally appearing on pp.19-21 has been removed by special request] <photograph> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.20 ------------------------------------ [article originally appearing on pp.19-21 has been removed by special request] <photograph> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.21 ------------------------------------ [article originally appearing on pp.19-21 has been removed by special request] <photograph> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.22 ------------------------------------ BOOKS One of the interesting movements to have watched over the past twenty years has been the fluorescence of novels writtren <sic> by gays and dealing with gay experience, either seriously or in fantasy. It wasn't long ago that homosexuals were depicted as neurotic self-pitying weaklings, victims, losers. Every so often this tradition still surfaces (as in last year's amazingly popular A Boy's Own Story) but most of today's gay writing is quite comparable to its heterosexual counterpart in its general vitality. It's fun, also, to observe the emergence of gay genre fiction: gay gothics, gay historical novels and gay whodunnits. Boy-love literature lags behind. Recently some reviewer, commenting on one of our books, observed that boy-lovers hadn't yet established a "paedophile aesthetic" -- meaning, one presumes, if anything, that they hadn't so far produced a boy-love Green Mansions or Tristan and Isolde. Yet, for a small minority of a small minority, boy-lovers haven't done too badly. There are, after all, Special Friendships, Sandel, Lord Dismiss Us, Never The Same Again, Kit. And now, at last, the genre pieces are beginning to appear. Last year we brought out The Boy and the Dagger, a boy-love boy's adventure novel set in 16th-Century Europe. And this month we published the first big boy-love sword-and-sorcery epic ever to see the printed page: Crowstone: the Chronicles of Qamar by Hakim, who is becoming recognized as one of America's finest boy-love poets and whose short pieces have appeared from time to time in P.A.N. and in each of the Panthology volumes. The history of poets trying their hand with novels hasn't been especially encouraging, so when Hakim broached the idea of a sword and sorcery opus with us a couple of years ago we were rather cautious. How could the aesthetic which produced The Silver Pipe Cafe with all its languid beauties be applied to the taught, sustained, story-line demands of a novel? When the first chapter of Crowstone arrived as a sample of what was in the works, our doubts were laid to rest; with the remainder of Part One they were replaced by wild enthusiasm. Hakim, we now realized, was not just a poet: he was a true Renaissance Man, and he was setting down what was by all odds the most exciting, and sexy, boy-love adventure tale ever penned, an amazing and absolutely unique crafting of pulp fiction and poetry, sex and romance, daring-do, <sic> philosophy, magic. The great gas planet of Algol, Qamar, fairest of its 108 major moons, and the delta city of Suvyamara, setting of Crowstone, were so real it was hard to believe they had never existed in our literary consciousness until Hakim dreamed them up. "I've had an attack of Muse-itis;" the author wrote us only last March, "which began when I got back your comments on the first chapter. It tends to happen to me when I write fiction: I become so engrossed in the 'world' I've created that I simply can't leave it, even to eat (except doughnuts & coffee) or pick up the laundry or answer the mail, or any human activity. But I never got hit as hard as this time. I worked about 14 hours a day average, and the rest of my waking hours thinking about the next day's work. I would put pen to paper at midnight to finish up one last scene, and look up to find it 4 am. And so on. As I worked, the phenomenon of not-being-in-control of certain aspects of the work increased to ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.23 ------------------------------------ an alarming degree. Although it became easier and easier to write (what I think is) good prose, it seemed that the characters themselves had absolutely taken on lives of their own, and I was simply observing them. . . . Also: as time went on, I no longer had to 'make up' facts about background information about Qamar and Suvyamara; all I had to do was 'remember' what I needed to explain. Of course, I exaggerate a bit. But when I tell you I wrote 135,000 words in three weeks, you'll see that I'm not being simply facetious. . . . My explanation is: I like to write. It's what I do. And in this case, I was writing exactly what I wanted to write, for the first time without restrictions on my obsessions and fantasies. Pure self-indulgence, you might say." Three things will immediately strike the reader of Crowstone: its size, its sexiness and the amazingly vivid beauty of the writing. At 384 pages, Crowstone is over twice the length of our other pocket books. So, for sheer words per pound or dollar or franc, it is the best bargain we have printed to date. But any reader wary of the condensation, the difficulty of the Dragonfly texts, for example, may put aside his fears. What he will find is the same absolute appropriateness of language, the same lyrical imagination, the crystal-clear realisation of setting and character -- but all put to narrative rather than poetic use. Crowstone has that sense of sustained inspiration, sure improvisation, of chances taken but bets won, which characterise all major fiction. It may be a fantasy tale but it is also "literature". Well, it is a crackling good tale, too, and so filled with sexy episodes that, as another of our authors told us recently, "it actually made me sweat." "I sit here under the spell of Crowstone, wrote Louis Colantuono, author of one of the longer pieces in Panthology Two. "I was completely captivated by it for 35 solid hours. I really hated to see it end." It is the story of an exiled warrior king from "the eldritch peaks and precipitous valleys of Far Thuren" who, in a boy-bordello, meets a "scrivening monk" from another of the Algolian moons. With men in Suvyamara, boy-love is the norm, for wives and daughters live tucked away on watery estates in a sort of theocratic exclusion. Monk and warrior, the two heros, unite to free one of the kept boy-dancers from the bordello, only to be frustrated by a combination of intrigue and magic. Meanwhile they are employed by a mysterious sorcerer to steal a certain gem-stone which has strange and powerful properties, and to do this the monk is ensconsed in a marvellous institution called the Theocratic and Perpetual Benefice for the Evocation of the Forty Epodes, a boys' choir and dancing school attached to the Viridine Temple, shrine of sea-goddess Suvyamara, which draws pilgrims from all over Qamar. A score of Temple dancers, then, boys approaching or just over the age of puberty, become entangled in the romance and intrigue. <photograph> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.24 ------------------------------------ <advertisement:> CROWSTONE A wild and sensuous boy-love sword and sorcery epic -- of dance, spells, magicians, ghouls, dragons, rescues, abductions and seductions. . . . And a score of boys, all ecstatically approaching or just over the threshold of puberty. Paperback. 384 pages. Prices, including packing and postage from Amsterdam (airmail outside of Europe): AUS$ 13; OSch 200; BFr 550; CAN$ 14; DKr 100; IRE 8.50; FMk 60; FFr 80; Drch 900; Lit 16,000; Yen 3000; HFl 30; NZ$ 17; NKr 80; Esc 1200; Rand 14; Ptas 1500; Skr 80; SFr 25; 6.75; US$12; DM 30; Middle East, Cent. America, N. Africa US$12; All other countries US$13. The Coltsfoot Press P.O. Box 3496 NL-1001 AG Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS <illustration> <end of advertisement> <the following text is continued from p.23:> Their story is one of sexual awakening, while the two adult heros not only live their loves (and, in the case of the monk, an extremely active sex life) but deal with converging forces generated by the magical Crowstone lying in the depths of the Viridine Temple. There are battles, spells, dragons (both human and real). There are two wonderful, highly individual heros, a whole choir of boys, and enough love-making to sustain many a long winter night of dreams. Hakim can dramatise an amazing variety of sexual experience, from the delightful narcissism of an old dandy dressing up his favourite chorister, the masturbatory, innocent experimentations among the temple boys themselves, the deepening, obsessional affairs between monk and warrior and their young lovers, to the deadly-earnest fight between two roudy boys which slowly turns into a seduction. One feels that all the faces of boy-love, except the mean and sadistic, are revealed in this wild and generous tale. The other face of man/boy attraction is critical in Paul T. Rogers' Saul's Book, which is by all odds the finest "serious" boy-love novel to come out of America in many a year. Like Hakim, Rogers uses language with uncommon skill: to evoke a mood, bring the very hiss and breath of dialogue to the printed page, as a scalpel to cut down through layers of pretention and defense to the nexus of human need. Unlike Hakim, his vision is far from generous. Saul's Book pits Sinbad, a perhaps uncharacteristically sophisticated Puerto Rican Times Square boy hustler, against an aging, pot-bellied, ex-con trickster named Saul. From the age of about thirteen, Sinbad's life is dominated by Saul, as his lover, protector, educator, drinking partner and, ultimately betrayer. On its deepest level, the novel is a modern Book of Job, with Saul playing the part of God -- but a God (like the one who tormened <sic> Job) who would have felt more comfortable on Olympus than in the Judaic heaven. Although Saul saves Sinbad ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.25 ------------------------------------ numerous times from arrest, drugs, penury, family problems, there is always a catch, a humiliation, a demand for abasement or a severe beating-up which emerges from the layers of sophistry which Saul spins to his only postulant. In the little universe which Sinbad inhabits, Saul is the enigmatic all-powerful who is either sadistic or indifferent enough to let suffering go on. In the end Saul dies. Sinbad, now a man with a teenage son of his own, is cut loose. Was Saul's final betrayal an act of off-handed affection, a needed lesson in letting go taught by an unneeded god whose purpose had been served and whose time had past? Or was it one last self-indulgent act of an irresponsible god, a loud laugh at the one fool who would believe in him? One doesn't have to be religious to be caught up in these eternal questions. Especially when they are presented with such passion and skill as here. Not that Saul's Book is the least bit polemical, unless one counts as polemics the wonderfully funny yarns and justifications of Saul. On a very real level this is the tale of a beautiful boy who becomes a Times Square hustler, goes through the common experiences of sex and romance, addiction and withdrawal, thievery and emprisonment. <sic> There is a great deal of authentic information about the life of a New York boy prostitute and the circles he moves in. The petty criminal dialogue is a delight from first word to last. And there is humour -- grand, cosmic humour -- which breaks through even the most dramatic scenes like lightning. The final confrontation between Sinbad and Saul, in a sort of gussied-up New Saint Marks Baths, is one of the funniest things which has happened in boy-love literature since Zeus stopped dressing up to get his kids after the Christians took over. Two wonderful novels. P.A.N. subscribers will find an order form for both enclosed -- and a special offer for Saul's Book valid until Christmas. <advertisement:> BOYS IN BRONZE A COLLECTION OF SIX TABLETOP SCULPTURES IN COLD CAST BRONZE EACH A LIMITED EDITION OF 100 BY NEIL GODFREY, SCULPTOR Send 1, DM 4 or US$ 2 for catalogues to: Neil Godfrey, Sculptor Shepheards <sic> Hurst House Prince of Wales Road Outwood, Surrey England <illustration> BOY RECLINING Height 15cm 30. <end of advertisement> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.26 ------------------------------------ BOYCAUGHT by Dr. Edward Brongersma On Prostitution Children learn by doing: by play and exercise. Sex, of course, is no exception. Discovering the joys and possibilities of sex is as natural and healthy for a boy as swimming and playing football. Boys should be quite free to have solitary sex - or sex with attractive friends simply for the fun and thrill of it or because they want to express, in the best way possible, how much they like that person. It is best when other motives are absent. As soon as money becomes an incentive, corruption is imminent. No author put it better than Michael Davidson: "It's the money that corrupts, not the sex: the money which combining with sex in a kind of psycho-chemical way, produces in the growing mind a condition in which sex becomes inseparable from money. Sex by itself is quite innocent. Money by itself, unfused with any of the agents in combination with which it generates power (and sex is one), is merely a useful thing to have. But money acting upon sex can destroy the capacity for happiness; it adulterates and sophisticates the emotions that make sex a principal vehicle of happiness, so that the mind that ought to be a young lover's becomes the equivalent of a shyster-shopkeeper's." (from Some Boys) As an afterthought he added, "There can be no harm, surely, in linking a gift with any sexual transaction -- corruption begins when the idea of 'gift' turns into one of buying-and-selling and becomes a habit of mind." This is perfectly true. I'm acquainted with a man of high academic standing, who, as a boy, adored sleeping with adult men. Some of them gave him valuable gifts -- and also money, at times really substantial amounts. But he quite convincingly declares, "I never gave them my body for the sake of money. I would never have abandoned myself to a man I didn't think attractive just for the earnings. I never asked for money, nor made payment a condition for intimacy. What my lovers gave me afterwards out of the joy in their hearts, this expression of their enthusiasm and satisfaction, made me happy -- and, yes, even made me feel randy." It would be fine if money and sex were somehow mutually exclusive, but they aren't. Too often they are linked together; it is even difficult to imagine a world where such a connection could be totally avoided. St. Augustine, who was hardly the sort to plead for sexual liberality, thought prostitution was absolutely necessary to maintain order and decency in our society, and he recognized it as irradicable. No jurist or legislator ever succeeded in putting an end to it, however hard he tried -- and most today have stopped trying. Men need sex. Travellers, seamen, all people who are on brief visits to a town far from home need it. Ugly, unpleasant, unattractive, unwell and old men need it. Shy and timid men need it. Such people aren't able to establish lasting, loving contacts. Non-commercial one-night-stands -- casual affairs of meeting and having sex within an hour after first setting eyes upon one another -- are not available to everyone. Therefore there will always be men looking for easily obtainable, more or less impersonal sex with boys. And wherever there is a demand there will be a supply. As long as men desire attractive young bodies with which to satisfy their sexual longings there will be boys who are willing to offer ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.27 ------------------------------------ themselves if they are sufficiently paid for their services. This is the arrangement which we call prostitution. A dangerous word, because it encompasses situations which are not only very different from each other but may even be antithetical. Since the word tends to be coloured by its worst connotations and applications, we may, in using it, condemn activities which are much less objectionable. Let us illustrate this by looking at two extremes. Prostitution is the boy in the Middle East brothel. Sold to the owner of a "peg-house" at a very young age by his parents, who are too poor to feed him, he is forced to sit naked on a wooden bench from which a peg protrudes into his bottom. By using progressively longer and thicker pegs, the master gradually enlarges the boy's anus. Customers viewing the lad on the bench can judge by the thickness of the peg extending below the seat whether the child will be able to accommodate them. For the boy the choice is either to starve on the street or to comply with the wishes of every client who picks him out. Prostitution is also a boy like Roy, hero of Roger Peyrefitte's novel of the same name. Like many other American schoolboys who have discovered this way of earning easy money for expensive sporting or electronic equipment, this son of well-to-do Los Angeles parents sells his body -- and not at a cheap price - while at the same time enjoying the sexual activities immensely. His pride in himself is intensified by the money he gets and by the enthusiasm his naked body provokes in a strong and important adult lover. What Roy does is completely of his own choosing and it only heightens his self-esteem and feeling of independence. There is little similarity between Roy's situation and that of the boy in the peg-house. We may deplore in both cases the mixture of sex and money, but the kinds of corruption are quite different. In the first example it has reduced the boy to the status of a slave, a human being treated as cattle. In the second it is the corruption of a businessman's mentality. The first situation we should fight unconditionally, while the second has to be seen more or less as inherent in our social structure. Unless we manage to change our social system very radically this kind of prostitution will always be with us. We have to tolerate it, and limit ourselves to fighting only its excesses. <photograph> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.28 ------------------------------------ The worst of these excess <sic> occurs when a man thinks that, because he's paying the boy, he is entitled to do everything with him he likes. There are several reasons why this is completely unacceptable. First, a strictly legal point: the contract of prostitution, like every other contract, is subject to conventions. In some places customs exist about what the boy is supposed to do or tolerate, and, unless other acts are clearly agreed upon beforehand, one shouldn't expect the boy to be willing to depart from his usual practices. For example, Albert J. Reiss Jr. ("The Social Integration of Queers and Peers" in Ruitenbeck's <ARCHIVIST'S CORRECTION: Ruitenbeek's> The Problem of Homosexuality in Modern Society) describes the situation in one American city where the client pays to fellate the boy but is not allowed to be tender with him or to kiss him. In certain neighbourhoods nearly all of the teenage boys engage in this business. They discuss it openly with one another and don't need to hide it from their peers. In another American city the boys are "available" for passive anal intercourse. Everyone knows what is going on. Fathers have done what their sons are doing now. One visitor was independently told by three brothers that their father inspected their bottoms every Saturday night to see whether they were being treated too roughly or penetrated too frequently. Second -- and this is of much greater importance -- a sexual contact is a meeting of human beings and, as such, is subject to the general rules of decent human behaviour. We're living in a democratic society and the times of slave-owning are past. Payment, however, generous, never gives us absolute rights over another's body. Therefore a boy, in accepting money to satisfy a client's physical needs, may never be obliged or forced to do unusual things that are disgusting to him. Of course it is possible that a boy may not like his client and that sex with a man he dislikes doesn't appeal to him. That is the disadvantage of the job he has freely offered to perform. He has to put up with that. In this respect he is no worse off than many apprentices in shops and factories drudging daily for a disagree- <advertisement:> pojkart Verlag Jugend in der Kunst Harry Turne Art-prints, postcards calendars, statues Photo calendar '84 Joker calendar '84 Write for free information Colour catalogue of all offerings: DM 5 - US$5 (overseas) Moislinger Allee 191 D-2400 Lubeck 1 West Germany <illustration> <end of advertisement> ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.29 ------------------------------------ able employer. And when I saw boys in rags searching through the rubbish dump of Manila for anything they could use or sell -- passing hours in the midst of reeking refuse, smoke and dirt, about the most disgusting and unwholesome occupation one could imagine -- I wondered why even Tim Bond and Terre des Hommes turned a blind eye upon this and reserved all their fury for the "terrible fate" of boys rewarded with a nice shower, new clothes and a good meal for an hour of erotic lust with a tourist. Why should sex always be seen as distinct from all other activities in human existence? With clients who love boys for the boy's sake, the problem of force and coercion doesn't even arise. They want to see a boy made happy and so don't demand acts which are repellent to him or more painful than the boy will gladly suffer (some boys enjoy the combination of sex with a small amount of pain!). Likewise, if a boy wants to stop doing something, they will immediately desist. For such men -- like Michael Davidson - their main pleasure is to perceive the pleasure of their young friend. Any activity which doesn't excite the boy's lust immediately becomes tedious and drab for the man, too. And compulsion is completely without meaning. Twelve-year-old Jonny says in a wave of tenderness to his adult friend, "I'd just do anything for you!" The man, kissing and cuddling him, explains how much it would please him if Johnny would let him go inside. Johnny: "You really want to do that?" The man: "Yes, more than anything in the world." Johnny: "Why?" The man: "Because I love you. And I don't want to do it until you love me enough to want to do it." Johnny: "Do we have to do it tonight?" The man: "We never have to do it." (D. W. Nichols, Toward a Perspective for Boy-Lovers) That's the right reply! Our society pretends to be highly moral when it puts sex on a level apart from all other human acitivities. <sic> The truth is that this custom of seeing sex as something separate lies at the root of the most terrible aspect of prostitution. The worst figure in the scene of male prostitution is not the boy who earns money with sex; far worse indeed is the person who despises him for so doing. It is this contempt which bad clients use to justify their abuse of boy prostitutes: in the minds of men like this, cheating, rough treatment, insult and injury can be indulged in with hardly a prick of conscience when dealing with such a low creature! It is little wonder that boys, in their turn, begin to feel justified in robbing, cheating and despising their customers. If society could shake off its hypocrisy and openly recognise that these boys are doing a job that society needs to have done, on behalf of its own safety and good order -- a task that at times may be painful and more or less repugnant, but which, under other circumstances, may be chosen freely for its pleasures and the adventures it offers -- then it could accord these boys at the very least the respect due every human being. In doing so we may discover some very fine and likeable lads among them. We might even recapitulate the experience of Socrates who discovered in a brothel a boy with a marvellous body and a brilliant mind: Phaidon. One of Socrates' rich patrons, to please him, bought Phaidon from the brothel owner and the liberated boy became a part of the great philosopher's circle where he was accepted and honoured as an equal and participated enthusiastically in their discussions. It was to Phaidon that Plato dedicated one of his most celebrated works. In this respect our contemporary culture is inferior to its predecessor, and to other civilisations. In a previous column I mentioned the male temple prostitutes in India, honoured and venerated because they guide men to unity with the deities through divine orgasm; the temple servants are organized, and even represented officially by a trade union. Compared with this, the prevailing custom in Europe and the Americas -- needing these boys, using them and despising them -- is utterly infamous and barbaric. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.30 ------------------------------------ THE BATTLE LINE Pogromers and the Pogromized Our identifiable enemies -- the men and women who devote large amounts of time, money (their own and other peoples'), the vitality of their existence on earth, to uprooting and destroying man/boy relationships and the lives of the men and boys who participate in them -- are a diverse lot. Some are cops, some are public prosecutors or DAs, some are do-good dictators; a great many are psychiatrists and social workers. And yet they seem to advance the <photograph> same set of themes for which they have the same Attic disregard for competent investigative underpinnings. If one were to enumerate our most important adversaries they would certainly include, in America, Judianne Densen-Gerber (and her hangers-on in Colorado), shrinks Nicholas Groth and Gene A. Abel, pop-sociologist David Finkelhor, postal inspector Martin Locker, charity manipulator William Katz; Edmond Kaiser of Terre des Hommes in Switzerland; juge d'instance <sic> Michel Salzmann in France. (Lloyd Martin had been in relative somnolence after the Los Angeles Police Department effectively fired him last year, but has recently been touring the country with co-author Jill Haddad putting on seminars which seem to be invariably called "A Crime Against a Child Has No Equal".) It is a remarkable fact that all of these people, Martin excepted, are not born-again Christians, as one might expect, but Jews. Now, we are not about to apologize for being "anti-semitic", anymore than for being "anti-Christian" or anti-shrink; we're not in the sense those terms are normally understood. Putting "anti" labels on people is all too easy, and is an art which the Jewish community has cultivated to a fine point: it is virtually impossible, in polite society, to even mention that some obnoxious, or downright vicious person is Jewish without being called a Nazi. Well, P.A.N. is not an especially polite magazine, and we think the time has come to ask why there are so ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.31 ------------------------------------ many influential Jewish people who really want to kill us, or at least perform horrible sex-traumatising experiments upon us (Abel), write crudely biassed <sic (Freudian?)> "scientific" studies about us (Groth, Finkelhor, Janus), elicit from the public millions of dollars for propagandizing against us -- and, incidentally, live high off it -- (Densen-Gerber), raise huge charity donations by telling lies about us in poor countries (Kaiser), sadistically incarcerate for years suspected paedophiles who haven't even been tried for any sexual acts at all (Salzmann). Is there, then, some pathological chemistry working in the Jewish sub-culture and infecting a significant number of its members? The Jews are still very conscious of having survived the holocaust. During the late 30's and early 40's it was they who were the pathetic minority, blamed for all the evils of the world, packed off to the torture/slaughter camps. In America they survived (there aren't many Jews left in Amsterdam), and so they did in Switzerland, and even, to a certain extent, in France. In the exhausted aftermath of Hitler they were "given" a homeland of their own (the fact that there were Arabs in Palestine didn't really matter in the 1940's). It is a horrible thought that the chief lesson this sturdy and intelligent people learned from all of this may have been that you either get pogromized or are the pogromizer -- and you'd better get your licks in as the latter before some stronger bully makes you the former. More than one person in American, for example, has observed that anti-semitism only started to abate when Israel got tough with the Arabs it displaced and won a few border wars -- a tactic the Jewish homeland is still using but with diminishing success in the world arena of opinion. The Jews gave the Mediterranean and European worlds their religion, even though it later mutated into a prophet cult (Islam) and polytheism (Christianity). Throughout history all three great branches have had their ups and downs on the decency scale, but in the last years they have been turning anti-sexual, anti-science, pro-cruelty. 1983 is the year of Falwell, Begin, Khoumeni, Zia, all, it would seem, quite willing to kill gays and paedophiles if they had the chance. Any pogrom hardens the metal. It does so of the perpetrators (remember how hard it was to put the first worm on the fish-hook -- and how easy it was after you'd done it a few times?); it also does so of the victims (the worm turns -- if he survives). A year ago last June Newsweek, still a rather influential news magazine in America, ran a guest editorial called The Case for Torture in which one Michael Levin, a Jewish profesor <sic> of philosophy at the City College of New York, urged that torture be formally introduced into American life. "There are situations in which it is not merely permissible but morally mandatory;" said Prof. Levin. When questioned as to whether this might not be dangerous, Levin replied, "Torture only the obviously guilty, and only for the sake of saving innocents, and the line between Us and Them will remain clear . . . There is little danger that the Western democracies will lose their way if they choose to inflict pain as one way of preserving order." In a later interview for a soft hetero-porn American glossy magazine (Penthouse, October, 1982), Levin was asked upon whom else (besides terrorists) might torture be inflicted. His immediate response was "child molesters". Auschwitz, Lublin, the Warsaw ghetto - they are merging, with new generations of Jews, into myth. But what lessons, if any, have been learned? That intolerance is inevitable so you had better be directing it yourself? That torture will always be with us so you'd best be the torturers? That it's better to be bigots than the victims of bigots? Kill first before you are killed? When you select a minority to persecute, select a tiny, divided, harmless and peaceful one like the boy-lovers? Christians and members of the mind and social help industries have their own uncomfortable self-confrontations to make. Thoughtful Jews, who claim and in many ways deserve their unique place in society, should start asking themselves these questions. ==================================== Pan, Number 17, p.32 (back cover) ------------------------------------ <full-page photograph>