Boy shaving portrayed in tv shows, movies, other media, often before he needs to, and often imitating his father or another man
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In every such scene, shaving cream is used, often spread on way too thick by the inexperienced boy, and the more experienced man (or older teen) pointing it out

Fathers (and other men) are invariably somewhere between amused, sympathetic and nostalgic, often checking the razor and finding no blades; mothers (and other women) usually either mock the boy or are horrified (to be losing their "baby"), the latter exemplified in this poster, seen outside a Glasgow, Scotland barber shop in October, 2008.

The interaction is also used in product advertising. In the 1930s, the Childs' Razor Blade Co. of Jonesboro, Arkansas claimed that their razor blades "Leaves Your Face Smooth as a Child's".

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