Nudity With Underage Characters in TV Shows, Films and Other Media

Nudity can be quite funny under the right circumstances -- shades of the common dream in which one is suddenly naked in public. Many TV shows, including those aimed at teen or child audiences, use (implied) nudity as a script device. Far from being child pornography (as some crusaders with their heads up their orifices would claim), it is a time-honoured and often very effective device to get laughs, or at least portray the tension of the character being temporarily uncomfortable or embarrassed.

A perfect example, perhaps, is the ad campaign for Coppertone Sun Tan Lotion. The now-iconic and world-famous image was first published in 1953, with at least one variation in 1955. The culture changed since then (to say the least), so the image was "dated up" (read: "covered up") when the company decided to re-do the campaign with a live model (inclusion of the dog is unclear).

Needless to say (but I will anyway), the proliferation of parodies and jokes with respect to the Coppertone image is endless, involving adult women, even men -- but, interestingly enough, no boys that could be found. For your own amusement, you can see many hundreds of such images by searching "coppertone ad" in any Web browser.

Was the image prurient? The company, of course, says no. At least one image found on the Web begs to differ, perhaps, with a little boy (fully clothed, of course) showing his appreciation for the original ad. This is most likely an amateur joke photograph, but, as they say, many a truth is photographed in jest!

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