Depictions of Bullying (especially the humorous ones)
in TV and Films
basic premise: Attempts to end bullying (post-feminist "crusade", second decade of XXIst century) is defensive motivation; preparing/teaching kids to deal with bullying themselves when possible is constructive motivation. (See essay, this Web site, discussing constructive and defensive motivation.)

To be clear:
Is bullying a good thing, to be encouraged? Absolutely not.

  • Bullying is a crime perpetrated by a person against another.
  • Bullying is a fact of life, and has been for recorded time, and will continue. (Does anyone realistically think that bullying will not be a "feature" of the corporate world as long as competitive capitalism is around?)
  • Bullying is a "teaching moment" in which, if handled correctly by those involved, can build character both for the perpetrator (the bully) and the recipient (I will not use the word "victim"). The recipient can learn self-reliance, the perpetrator can learn humility and the ultimate futility of force.

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